Meet Jamie

Cooking….it was never something I ever thought I’d enjoy. Eating? Always. But cooking, with all the thinking, prepping, planning and cleaning? Not my things.

Then, at 28 years old and with an 18 month old baby, I lost my father to an unexpected heart attack. It was a traumatic experience that ended up shifting my focus in ways I never imagined. You see, learning about heart disease made me realize how crucial healthy eating was. For me, cooking became a vehicle for health, not a passion or for fulfillment...or so I thought.

What did become a passion for me was teaching people to prioritize health, which means caring about what you eat. And caring about what you eat takes planning. I threw myself into advocating wellness, became a wellness coach, and set out to help others take charge of their diet. In today’s go, go, go society, eating healthy often takes the back burner and people understandably default to fast food and convenience meals. It was my mission to help others realize that they CAN make home cooked meals without too much stress or sacrificing.

Enter Gina Sobczak. With her passion for cooking, and an incredibly ambitious attitude, we decided to combine our interests to bring good food to your kitchens by helping you plan, prep and slow-cook your way to family dinners that don’t involve a drive-thru. And THIS has become my passion. Now, with these freezer meals, feeding my family of five...three growing children and a husband with a big appetite...has proven to be fun, convenient, and delicious.

Thank you for joining us as we continue to spread good food and good times to others who see eating well as a great investment! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Meet Gina

First of all, I am so happy you are here and thank you for being a part of our Crockpot & Cocktails family. My name is Gina Sobczak! I have been married for almost 17 years and have 3 wonderful children. My family is my heart. They are the reason I have a passion for providing an “almost" every night home cooked meal.

I am old school in my values, and I believe sitting down and having a meal together as a family is an essential piece that is missing in our modern culture. It gives me such pleasure knowing that I am providing my family with a warm healthy meal, and its gives my husband and I the opportunity to share grace and hear about their day. I want them to know and understand that our family is their forever tribe, and conversations, grace, and home cooked meals will always flow in my kitchen.

My love for cooking started at a ripe young age, and my Gramma Eunie is THE reason. She took such pride in her cooking. Her door was always open, and her kitchen was always filled with laughter, people, and prayer. We always left with full belly’s and lots of love.

Many front porch chats over a glass of wine with my sweet neighbor and friend, Jamie Foreman, Crockpot & Cocktails was cultivated. By combining my love to meal prep and Jamie’s passion to make everything from scratch, our vision came to life. My hope is that Crockpot & Cocktails can help take the stress away in wondering what to make each night, by providing fix it and forget it meals, so you can spend more time around your table, and fill your kitchen with more chatter and laughter.