What are options 1, 2, 3?

We have a variety of ways to enjoy the Crockpot & Cocktails concept:

  • Option 1) Workshop
    • Basic Workshop: $35 for River Green residents, $40 for non-residents
      • This is our basic workshop. You come to us to prepare your meals in a space that allows you to keep your own kitchen nice and neat, and we also do the bulk of the cleaning up. You bring your ingredients (minus the meat), utensils, and a cooler, and we provide freezer bags, spices,labels, directions, and a fun atmosphere.
    • Premium Condiment Package: $50 for River Green residents, $55 for non-resident
      • If you choose the Condiment option, we also provide the condiments required by the recipes. This means less to add to your grocery cart and bring to the workshop, as well as eliminates the possibility that you be left with extra “stuff” you may or may not use again.
  • Option 2) Crockpot and Cocktails in your Kitchen: $35 per person, or at least 4 guest and the hostess is free.
    • This is our Crockpot & Cocktails in Your Kitchen option. We still provide the directions, grocery lists, bags, labels, spices and directions, but you get to host your friends in the comfort of your own home!
  • Option 3) Crockpot and Cocktails Full Meal Prep: $125 for 5 meals, or $225 for 10
    • You want the convenience of home cooked meals but don’t have any interest or time to do it on your own.  With this option, you provide the meat and we will do the rest.  This includes grocery shopping and completion of your meals.  All you need to do is arrange for your pick-up time.  You get the satisfaction of owning 5 or 10 ready-to-cook freezer meals without having to do the work.

Do you use store bought spice mixes and sauces?

At Crockpot and Cocktails, we believe that cooking at home not only tastes better, it is better for you. This philosophy carries over into our recipes. We believe the better the ingredients, the better the food. Whenever possible we replace pre-packaged and overly processed mixes with homemade mixes. You won’t find ranch seasoning packets or sugary bbq sauces in our recipes. Of course, there are times where a bit of pre-made sauce is the perfect and necessary ingredient to our creations. But we strive to keep a balance between healthy and convenient.

What utensils should I bring to the workshops?

These are the items we suggest you bring to the workshops:

  • Lg bowl to hold your freezer bag in when you are assembling your meal
  • Measuring cups: 1 c and 1/2 c
  • Measuring spoons: 1 tsp and 1 TBS
  • Chopping knife
  • Spatula
  • Zester
  • Can opener
  • Cutting board
  • Hand held juicer (optional)
  • Garlic press (if needed)
  • Ingredients from the grocery list
  • Cooler for your meals
  • Apron, if you’d like

Is there a cancellation policy?

At Crockpot and Cocktails we understand that things come up and sometimes cancelling a reservation is your only option. However, we purchase supplies and ingredients based on how many people sign up. This means that you are accounted for, and money has been spent, pretty quickly after you submit your name and payment. Therefore, a reimbursement is not possible. However, what we will do is package all the spices, bags, labels, directions, etc. together for you so YOU can make your freezer meals at your convenience. Know that you will be missed, but you don’t have to miss out on the convenience of having freezer meals ready for the month.

How long does the prep usually take?

We block 2 ½ hours for the prep workshop. Inevitably, we have people who finish much quicker, and those that are working to put the finishing touches on their last meal as the clean-up begins. But no need to worry! This is all about having fun while you prep. We don’t rush you, and many choose to hang out, sip their beverages, and bask in the glory of 10 finished freezer meals and an easier month ahead no matter when they actually finish making their bags.

Can I sub meats and/or veggies if I don't like what the recipe calls for?

We completely understand that everyone has different food preferences and dietary needs. That is why our recipes are very versatile, and most meats and veggies can easily be subbed to better suit your taste.

Is there any day-of meal prep?

Some meals may have a few items you need for the day you plan to actually cook the meal. These will be marked on your grocery list, as well as on the day-of cooking instructions.

Do you give out the recipes for the workshop meals?

We are always excited when we receive positive reviews and feedback of the meals people prepped at a Crockpot and Cocktails workshop. And nothing is more flattering than when someone asks us for the full recipes of their favorite meals! However, although we provide the list of most of the ingredients and their measurements, we don’t give out the “exact” recipes as we prepare them. As a team, we work hard to tweak our way to a delicious concoction, and we can’t give away ALL of our secrets, can we?